Timu-Timu Bakery

We have funded the creation of a significant food business employing over 800 individuals in central Africa.​

The Timu-Timu Bakery provides the local community with freshly baked produce. 

Jobs Created

We are delighted to report that the Timu-Timu Bakery has been such an incredible success that it has grown rapidly and now has 800 employees.

The freshly baked produce is made by Timu-Timu, and then delivered to the local community.

Continued Support

The HealthWorks team regularly visit the Timu-Timu bakery in Uganda to see their success first hand.


We are proud to have been able to support such a worthwhile cause and give people the skills they need to live their best lives.


We have recently invested in the expansion of the premises with a new adjacent building.
Timu-Timu Bakery Food Icon

The bakery makes all its own food and delivers it to the local area. It has not only created jobs and careers for local people but is also a source of nutritious food products.

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